Waze and Other Navigation Apps Give City Planners Some Trouble

Waze is bringing drivers to residential areas

Los Angeles, for instance, which really isn’t a car-dominated city, now has residents complaining through LA Times. According to their article in January, Waze had been “pushing cars into residential areas”, and even residents of wealthy areas like Beverly Hills has now no way of avoiding LA traffic because the apps take non-residents to their roads. According to them “there’s nowhere left to hide. There aren’t any smaller roads nearby. We’re it”.

Dont trust your apps

The stream always find another way

A citizen of San Francisco, which is also experiencing the same problem, compares it to attempts to dam small streams, “The water often finds a new route around the dam. And that’s what is happening in San Francisco. People are finding a new path of least resistance”.



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Feras Antoon

Feras Antoon

Entrepreneur, tech savvy and passionate about cheese balls. Writer at https://ferasantoonreports.com