Feras Antoon
4 min readNov 12, 2018

For many people, their life revolves around their phone. Phone addiction is a serious matter that can lead to unproductivity, missing on ‘real life,’ even mental illnesses like depression. Despite the bad effects of phone use, it’s not easy to completely let go of these gadgets because, at this time of the world, it has become a necessity. So, a minimalist device was created by a Brooklyn-based company to help people put down their phones.

Tech company, Light, had its first ever product a year after it launched. They described the product as a “quite a smart ‘dumb’ phone.” The company is established in 2014. The year after, the Light Phone was made, which acts as a companion for smartphones so people can leave their phones at home and experience life.

Now Light has its second product, Light Phone 2. This product is the improved version of the Light Phone, which they say, could replace smartphones for good.

Releasing the Light’s new product is in time with the growing number of people who scrutinizes the effect of smartphones on our brains. Parent movements are also on the run in reducing the screen-time of their kids.

More and more apps that discourage smartphone use emerge. While people are now wiser on how to elude the strategies apps and social media platforms use to keep the users hooked.

Light Phone 2 is made to keep people connected and to remove typical smartphone features that only waste time. Light’s new device allows users to message, call, get directions, mainly, nothing more.

Young founders Joe Hollier and Kai Tang are behind this smart ‘dumb phone.’ Hollier and Tang met in 2014 when they were asked to create smartphone apps at a Google hub. Both of them agreed that the world has enough addicting apps, so they decided to create a phone that’s used only when needed.

According to the data from the analytics company Flurry, people in the US use their smartphones for about five in a day. While based from tech-support firm Asurion, Americans check their phones for an average of 80 times daily.

These numbers make the most of app checking. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter use tricks to grab the attention of users. Now, most Silicon Valley developers who made these addictive apps, who are also parents raise their children to be tech-free.

The new Light Phone has no apps. It’s incredibly minimalistic, giving the users the only most necessary uses of a phone. Hollier and Tang created a phone that you can use when you go out and enjoy the world. Their Light Phone can stand as a security blanket for smartphones users, so they can leave their high-tech gadgets at home and turn “Light” using this device.

“Light Phone 2 encourages you to spend more quality time doing the things you love most, free of distractions,” according to Light an announcement about their second product.

“Enjoy a morning jog, a drink with an old friend, a night on the town or day at the park with your kids, waking up with a coffee and a good book, a trip to the beach, or simply some time away from your Instagram.”

Turning “light” is quite philosophical, too, according to the founders.

“We are becoming scared of boredom, scared of solitude,” they wrote on

Besides, texting, calling, and asking for directions, Light Phone 2 has an alarm clock, a microphone, physical buttons and a larger speaker. It’s more user-friendly compared to Light’s first product as well. The newer version can also store contacts, and you can program it to call a taxi. It can also have 4G LTE connection and contains a USB-C charging port.

The Light Phone 2 is literally light, which is only 6.5 millimeters thick, and about the same length and width of a credit card. You can easily slip it into your pocket, or keep it in your wallet.

Preorders for Light Phone 2 only costs $250 that will eventually become $400 when it started to become available in different parts of the globe. According to the company, shipping will begin early next year.