This Is How To Hire The Best Content Marketer For Your Company

Responsibilities of a content marketer

  • Content marketers are the people behind the planning, researching, execution, and result analysis of the site’s content. In other words, they drive the company’s content efforts.
  • They develop content strategies to achieve the company’s goals.
  • They plan and study the entire content strategy.
  • They work and liaise with other shareholders in the execution of content strategy.
  • They deal with writers, designers, product marketers, sales teams and external content sources in content production based on the strategy.
  • They edit all the produce content.
  • They proofread and prepare all content prior to publication.

Qualities and characteristics of a good content marketer:

Someone who understands and uses data

Someone who is a people person

Someone who is always online

How to find the best content marketer?

Write a solid job ad


Work Sample Links

Recruiting a content marketer

Writing exercise

Interview stage

Your content marketers’ onboarding

Creating their first week tasks

Arranging their workstation

Get to know the new hires

Teach all the processes



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