Improve Sleep with Small Bedroom Tweaks

We all know sleep is important for our overall health and well-being. Still, millions of people (1 out of 3, in fact) don’t get enough sleep everyday. There are many reasons why the quality of sleep gets compromised. It could be due to stress, weather, or a needy pet. Whatever the reason is, a good night’s sleep must be prioritized as it can affect our daily lives. A deep, sound slumber takes place in the bedroom, so it just makes sense to make solutions starting from the bedroom. Then, you can go from there. Below are easy 9 bedroom hacks that you can do to drift off in an instant.

  • Improve Sleep Using a Special Mattress

Use a mattress that can keep you cool during hot days. Casper mattress is specially designed to help improve sleep. It’s a memory foam that relieves pressure, and gives a comfortable bed temperature. When temperature is one of the vital factors of falling and keeping asleep, getting this kind of special mattress is a necessity for a quality kip. Based on, the ideal temperature when sleeping is between 60 to 67 degrees. Conventional memory-foam mattresses can trap body heat, and disrupt your sleep in the middle of the night. Casper’s mattresses are designed by engineers, which have foam layers that move heat from the body, maintaining just the right temp.

  • Himalayan salt lamps could work

Although, there are no researches that prove or disprove the effectiveness of salt lamps on sleeping, getting one is worth the try. Exposure to salt is known to be therapeutic for asthmatics, and other respiratory problems. If your lungs work perfectly fine, still, you can’t deny Himalayan salt lamps are pretty to look at. Its pink glow can be hypnotic, Zen-inducing, and calming that it prepares your brain for some deep slumber.

Better Sleep with Small bedroom Tweaks
  • Get some nice Pillows and Improve Sleep

Pillows that bring discomfort than relaxation could be the worst stuff that you have on bed. Get rid of those old pillows, and let go of attachment once and for all. Your pillows have served well for years, and its packed down stuffing say it’s time to retire. Get nice pillows that can support your neck, and head. These types of cushion are not only comfy, but also benefits your spine. Look around the products that Casper offers. Surely, they have a few.

Better Sleep with Small bedroom Tweaks
  • White-noise techs

No matter how long you’ve been residing on a noisy road, you will never get used to loud sounds of a bustling street. To protect your dreams from being interrupted, a white-noise machine is your knight in shining armor. It can cancel out all the clashing, clattering, and honking by producing combination of sounds, that’s part hum, whirr and a box fan that you have total control of adjusting. Modify the pitch, tone and volume that you like. These white-noise machines are so effective that you can see them in therapists’ offices, and conference rooms.

Better Sleep with Small bedroom Tweaks
  • Better Sleep with the right Sheets

The type of sheets you use plays a huge role on your sleep. You must pick the right sheet that fits the weather, if it’s hot or cold. During the summer, especially, you must have bed sheets that can breathe. Otherwise, you’ll frequently find yourself waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. You don’t want that, of course, when you’ve been wanting a good night’s rest. For this, Casper’s percale sheets can be a great choice. These special bed sheets are made with Supima cotton, the most durable, soft sheets that are in a percale weave, which makes the sheets breathable.

  • Filter the room’s air

The polluted air circulating your room could be affecting your sleep. In fact, indoor air is more polluted than the air outdoors. Good thing, now you can filter the room in your home, and in your bedroom using air filters such as, the Rabbit air filter. With this technology, you can keep the air in your room fresh, free of toxins and allergens, that can surely help you get a quality sleep.

Better Sleep with Small bedroom Tweaks
  • Plants are your friends

Placing a few plants in your room will not only help purify air, it can also uplift any space. There are tons of plants that don’t require a green thumb to grow and survive. Plants like pothos, philodendrons, and snake plants are great choices for indoor plants as they are low maintenance, and can live for a long time.

  • Pet bed can improve Sleep

Your pet, whether it’s a dog, a cat, or a bird, don’t have the same sleeping patterns as you. We wouldn’t be surprised if you sleep with your pet, and you’re one of those people who don’t get enough rest. We know, cuddling with our dearest fluff balls gives us joy. However, if Fido or your feline are starting to stress you out because it’s demanding for a belly rub in the middle of the night, it’s time to get its own bed. Casper also creates the best beds for pets. Their specially-designed dog beds are made in consideration of sleeping dog habits like “faux digging,” or curling up in a ball. The beds are also easy to wash — a plus for pet parents. With these beds, not only you can sleep well, but Fido, too!

Better Sleep with Small bedroom Tweaks

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