How to Build a Successful Business with Your Significant Other

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When not everyone has been successful at keeping healthy relationships, it can be astounding to think that some couples even managed to build businesses together. Our greatest question is how did they make it work?

Relationships take a lot of work to thrive. Each of us is a unique individual, and for couples it is important to learn how to live with each other to keep the relationship together. Extra efforts may be needed when building a strong business, while maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. Though it is fact that passing this road comes with complications, it has also been proven by many couples that success is possible. Real life experiences from inspiring entrepreneur couple, Luis Congdon and Kamala Chambers serve as proof.

Luis and Kamala are the pair behind the prominent business, Thriving Launch. They help entrepreneurs become visible online. Luis and Kamala offer services to help people unroll their messages on the web, and be heard. They do it through podcasts creation, social media marketing, content marketing, and other web-based tools. The couple has been a digital prowess for years. Here they unveiled the secrets towards building a successful business together, which you can also use if you dream of venturing on an entrepreneurial journey with the person you love:

Hold on to a Powerful Motivation for Growing Your Business

Having a strong reason why you started your business, and why you want to make it grow is vital to your entrepreneurial journey. Luis and Kamala have been together for four years, and they have been entrepreneurial partners for two years. They met while doing the thing they love, which is dancing. During that time, Kamala has an on-going successful business, and Luis was an aspiring entrepreneur. Kamala wanted to help Luis achieve his goals, so she helped Luis establish his business. After a year, they decided to team up. Prior to this, they knew they both had a desire to help entrepreneurs be visible online through the power of the new media. This is when their business began.

The couple admitted that they had difficult times while building their business. They said it’s inevitable. The entrepreneurial road is not an easy route. During the darkest times, they said it is important to have a strong motivation to keep pushing forward. Their motivation is their reason why they started their business and why they want to make it flourish. They said the reason must be powerful enough to withstand all the pressures of building a business with your partner.

Set a Clear Division of Business Tasks

A necessary step when building a business with your significant other, is the division of responsibilities. Business tasks must be shared, and assigned to the person with the right skills. Luis and Kamala are fortunate to have different expertise when it comes to business. Kamala leans more on the technical side, while Luis enjoys sales and talking with people. Having different responsibilities and boundaries in business is essential to avoid the competition between partners. Both sides must have a clear understanding of their duties to make the business prosper. Assigning tasks will as well eliminate micromanaging in the process, which only leads to arguments and undone chores. Regular meetings and conversations are also necessary for the business. This way, both sides will get a clear vision of the completed tasks, and what needs to be done. Communication is vital to every relationship, and so is for business.

Learn to Be Together and to Be Apart

“All that time together makes it harder to have date nights, intimacy, and romance,” Luis and Kamala said. When building a business with your partner, you will spend a ton of time together. Though time spent together is important for couples, it is also necessary to learn how to spend time apart. They say for couples working together, it can be difficult to transition into a dating mode. The issue gets worse when fights happen. We are unique individuals, thus it’s impossible to have same views all the time. It’s even more challenging when personal fights get in the way of business. There are times that you have to set aside personal issues to get work done.

Luis and Kamala learned that spending time apart helped immensely in their relationship. It made them stronger both individually and as a couple. Luis says, “For any couple working together, I suggest that they take some time to be apart. It helps immensely. I also suggest having your own work projects — stuff that doesn’t require the other person.”

To build strong relationships, it is important to never lose each other’s individuality. If couples become too codependent, it may hurt their business as well as their relationship. Both sides must have the freedom to be alone, or spend time with friends or family without the other to maintain a strong relationship.


“Find your passions and gifts. Share in the work, but be sure that you each bring something unique. Remember that it’s not a competition. Kamala and I used to feel a bit jealous of each other’s gifts and successes. It’s not about that. It’s about what each of us can do well. Learning to discuss things at work takes extra effort. Sometimes it’s best to choose a leader on a project and they get more of the final say,” Luis and Kamala say.

In both relationship and business, it is important to lift up each other, and make sure to contribute to make things work. Great couples exert extra effort to be able to keep each other. More work may need to be done, and handled carefully to make a business flourish. Building successful business is possible with your special someone. Just take note of these points, and you can get through the road of entrepreneurial success together while also keeping the relationship nourished.

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