How Good is Your LinkedIn Profile Picture?

First impressions last. Whether that English proverb is true or not, we’re pretty certain your audience impression to your LinkedIn headshot is vital to your traffic, and business. On this side of the virtual world, we’re happy to inform you — yes, you need to get that headshot a revamp.

What’s good about having an online platform is you can spend most of your day in your pajamas, while people can constantly visualize you as a formal, well-groomed professional. In short, you can be a slob, a hippie, or whatever you want to be, but still land a good, businesslike character with the use of technology. Now, we are not saying you are not a professional, neither you are a poser entrepreneur. Truth is, you are a genuine expert in your niche that’s why you are polishing the impressions you could get from people. We just can’t deny the fact that people judge based on appearance, and in the field that you chose, looks are important.

Don’t fret. Maintaining a particular image is now easy. Thanks to the world wide web, just a few tweaks to your online accounts, and you’re on your way to nailing that first impression. To begin, here are 8 tricks to have the most flattering LinkedIn profile picture:

  1. Accept the fact that you need changes. There are several points to ponder on to determine if you need a new LinkedIn profile picture. First, when was your photo taken? Is it your most recent look, or is it what you looked like 5 years ago? Updated photos of yourself is important, so people could at least recognize you when they see you in the flesh. Second, are you with other people in the picture? Or did you cleverly crop them out? Believe us when we say everyone will know if the picture has been cropped or not — and cropped photos aren’t very professional. Third, are you holding a beer, getting a tan, or does your picture contain anything about your personal life that you wouldn’t want your audience to know?
Feras Antoon Bad Linkedin Photo Example

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to get your LinkedIn profile picture fixed. Your photo must be simple, and professional-looking to get equally-reflecting audience impressions.

  1. Seek professional help. If you’re not confident with your ability to take decent photos, go pro. Some people are fortunate to have the eyes and the skills in capturing the best-looking selfies with minimal effort, and simple backdrop. However, it’s also true that many people are not. If you doubt your selfie-taking skills after a couple of tries that resulted in blurry shots, wrong angles or bad lightings, then better find a professional photographer. Let the pros do what they do, and help you get a flattering headshot.A good place to start is Snappr. Upload your photo, and it will analyze what could be improved. For free.
Feras Antoon Snappr Linkedin
  1. Walk away from the professionals in malls. Learn from other people’s mistakes. The mall is not the place to look for professional photographers to take your portrait. Typically, workers in malls are inexperienced teens, or people who don’t care about the outcome of your photo shoot, or both. Try it, and you’ll probably end up with laughable, cringe-y shots. If you want a help from a pro, don’t be scared or shy to reach out for photographers within your network. These people care about their work. They care enough to produce an outcome that both of you can be proud of. If you don’t know any photographers, you can casually ask your Facebook friends with great profile pictures for a photographer referral. It’ll be worth a try.

I hope you enjoyed these tips to improve your personal brand. Your company’s Linkedin page also needs a revamp? Check our tips here.



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