Being in the industry of cryptocurrency gives us a couple of unique trials. Whether you’re a self-employed trader, a part of a small company, or even a sizable business, your assets as well as job security is significantly affected by your location.

This is an emerging industry, which is why it’s not a surprise how laws and ordinances are universally different, but the gap between them is unbelievable. Some nations are totally against the idea of cryptocurrency, forbidding anyone from either buying or selling, while some look at it as a refreshing innovation. Not to consider that regulatory uncertainties can be disconcerting for crypto and blockchain companies, wherever they may be.

Considering how we are just in the budding stages of cryptocurrency, states and the authorities are also just starting to learn and deciding on the details of its rules. This is a normal part of every emerging niche, sure, but it is also a problem for the individuals in the field. When there is a lack of certainty and transparency, the fear for a potential issue is always hovering overhead. If the government suddenly arrives at a negative judgment concerning cryptocurrency, your business operations could be put into jeopardy.

These are just some of the problems that’s the reason why the focus of crypto supporters are currently on Portugal, the center for blockchain entrepreneurs. Let me tell you why.

Tax-friendly for Crypotcurrency

First of all, Portugal is remarkably tax-friendly towards the cryptocurrency industry. This hasn’t always been the case, but the government recently clarified their position. With the clarification, almost all crypto investors, including traders, are aspiring to be in and work in the country. Under Portugal’s regulations, crypto dealers, investors, as well as miners pay no income or capital profits taxes in Portugal. Any profits made from the acquisition and sale of cryptocurrency are free from taxes for all Portuguese residents. This is a tremendous difference to most western countries that have large, confusing tax charges for cryptocurrency.

Technological Innovation Support Programs

The tax exemption is wonderful, but that is not the only thing that makes this country stand out as a likely crypto modernization center. Portugal has also introduced the “Technological Free Zones,” a nationwide system that is particularly created to promote propitious businesses and allow them to access better opportunities to grow.

The country’s government issued the Digital Transitional Action Plan that describes how the Portuguese government will be assisting businesses in several fields with incentives and groundwork access. These fields incorporate blockchain, artificial intelligence, 5G, and a lot more. The action plan shows just how much the government is willing to support and back up cryptocurrency business ventures in the country.

These plans and policies will give cryptocurrency firms optimal guidance and support that they need to thrive in the global market. These policies include flexible legal stipulations which would allow crypto businesses to experiment on various concepts while still being supervised by neutral regulatory authorities. This situation effectively creates a regulatory sandbox. This kind of setup will encourage a two-way relationship where businesses can push their limits and improve under supervision, while enabling the government to learn more about the industry and enable them to come up with fairer and smarter regulations.

This is not only great for existing businesses, but it is also an ideal situation for entrepreneurs who have not given up technologies such as blockchain. This setup could also encourage aspiring minds to establish their businesses and adopt blockchain technology, which could expand our industry even further.

Moreover, by forming an innovation center by the use of these regulations and tax breaks, Portugal can pull in affordable technical expertise, making innovations for newer and better products a lot easier.




Entrepreneur, tech savvy and passionate about cheese balls. Writer at

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Feras Antoon

Feras Antoon

Entrepreneur, tech savvy and passionate about cheese balls. Writer at

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