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Oven-Free Recipes

When summer heat goes through the roof, no one aspires to sweat out in front of a burning hot stove. In general, cooking is not really that hard, but the stress of hot summer days can turn things sour. So, our solution? Oven-free recipes that can keep you cool and make sure your family is fully satisfied and hydrated.

We came up with these six uncomplicated and dietitian-approved meals that are fit for hot summer days and nights — and of course, they are all stove and oven-free to help you keep your normal hydration levels while doing all the prepping and cooking.

Oven-Free Recipes
  1. Cucumber-Feta and Mint Salad

This delicious and tasty salad is packed up with two of the most hydrating fruits and vegetables, cucumber and watermelon. They are both perfect for replenishing your fluids on hot sweaty days! Obvious from its name, watermelons are made up primarily of water. In fact, one cup of this sweet and juicy fruit would already complete 14 percent of your daily recommended value of vitamin C and some fundamental electrolytes like potassium and magnesium.

These components are pretty important as your body depends a lot on electrolytes to control fluid levels, muscle compression, and neural activity. This dish is also prepared with mint that is not really all that hydrating, but menthol has an immediate cooling effect which is always a plus when it’s too hot.

Oven-Free Recipes

2. Savory Mediterranean Parfait

This one is a personal favorite, as it is packed with my favorite ingredients, tomatoes and cucumbers, both super tasty and made up almost entirely of water. This one is also a no-heat, Mediterranean-style dessert.

Aside from the ingredients mentioned, this parfait is also made with hummus and yogurt, some of the most delicious protein sources and are also good hydrators (they’re made up of over 80 percent water!)

But if you are up for that extra boost and flavor, consider making this one with some celery, nature’s “very own sports drink” as experts say.

Oven-Free Recipes

3. Classic Ceviche

This goodie is packed with protein! This classic yet super savory ceviche leans on grapefruit and lime juice to “cook” the raw fish plus, it adds a heap of flavor and hydration. This is also made with jalapeno, but what’s extra great about that is jalapenos are also jam-packed with water!

Just remember to plan this dish in advance because ceviche requires refrigeration of at least four hours for the grapefruit and lime marinade to do their magic.

Oven-Free Recipes

4. Summer Gazpacho Bowl

I think we can all agree that soup is the yummiest hydrating food. And this refreshing, no-cook summer gazpacho bowl is a blessing for busy, on-the go days where you still want something hearty and delicious.

On top of the easy prep and “cooking”, this soup has all the hydrating ingredients and it’s also prepared with protein-rich chickpeas and lots of fiber and healthy fats. So, it’s a guarantee that this gazpacho can satisfy you and your fam’s soup cravings.

Oven-Free Recipes

5. Zucchini Caprese Pasta

This pasta has pretty much everything you crave from a big plate of spaghetti… mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and olive oil, but without all the carbs, calories, and guilt.

The “pasta” is made from water-dense and low-calorie zucchini noodles and chickpea for some extra source of protein and flavor.

Want to know something cool? You can even buy ready-made and pre-spiraled zucchini and chickpea noodles to save you some more prepping time.

Oven-Free Recipes

6. Tomato-White Bean Toss Salad

If you’re really after that time-saving, no cook recipes, this is the one. This simple salad only takes five minutes to mix and prep. All you need are some usual salad ingredients plus basic herbs like dill and parsley to taste.

We’ve already talked about the classic water-dense veggies like tomatoes and cucumbers, but white beans that are important for this recipe are also known for being super hydrating!

This is also a good recipe for those who are watching their diet because although this salad would certainly fill you up, the healthy balance of veggies and beans would give you nothing but healthy carbs, fiber, protein, and fats.

There you have it! Some easy, no-cook, and no-sweat recipes to inspire you to make some yummy dishes this summer. Don’t be afraid to add your own twists and make these recipes your own!



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